Here’s my sample piece of a big project for a black piece of fabric which will measure 10 feet in height and 14-16 feet. They ordered it to me and will use background in a big event “Tabemasho” . Tabemasho means “ Let’s Eat!!” in Japanese that they will invite 400 guests at the big event in #jcccnc_sf in SF. 
I’m going to work on the huge piece there directly soon. I’m honored their order to me and am very excited all of the event!! 

Thank you so much!!

9/21 現地の400人集客の”Tabemasho” イベントにて使用する約3m×5m 、布作品です。文字ご希望は、printing スタイル(誰にでも読める楷書で)。

巨大なcotton, 滲み具合は現地到着後、施策し初めてわかる状態で、毎度ながらの一発勝負。